Kids Bamboo Toothbrush- Pack of 4

Kids Bamboo Toothbrush- Pack of 4

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Each year, around 50 million pounds of plastic toothbrushes end up in landfill sites. This plastic can take as long as 1,000 years to decompose. In these years, it leaks contaminants into the surrounding earth, polluting the planet. Choosing a toothbrush that is eco-friendly means that you can help to reduce the amount of plastic that exists, and turn the planet into a greener place to live.
  • Pack of 4 children's natural bamboo toothbrushes.
  • No plastic handle, so more Eco-friendly than traditional toothbrushes.
  • Soft BPA free bristles made from high-quality nylon.
  • Plastic-free, recyclable packaging.
  • Splinter and water-resistant handle
End of life:

First you need to use pliers to pull out the bristles.  You can save the bristles and check with your local recycling facility if they are able to process the small bristles.  If they cannot process the bristles then they will need to go in the trash.There are many things you can do with the bamboo handle once the bristles are removed.

- Garden markers
- Stirring stick for drinks
- Soap dish
- Picture frames
- Mixing paints or glues
- Fire starters
- Popsicle sticks
- Compost
- Scrubbing hard to reach places (do not remove bristles)
- Many other arts and craft ideas

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