Gentle Baby Bar

Gentle Baby Bar

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As the name implies, this gentle soap is great for babies or those with sensitive skin. Infused with calendula and chamomile for their gentle healing and soothing benefits. Mindfully crafted with organic oils and butters with a hint of organic German chamomile essential oil. Just 8 simple ingredients to cleanse and nourish the skin.

**cold processed soap is NOT tear free. It is recommended to use plain water to cleanse baby’s face and delicate eye area.

Ingredients: *calendula & *chamomile infused organic olive oil• organic coconut oil• castor oil•organic cocoa butter• organic Shea butter•sodium hydroxide• organic German chamomile essential oil. Decorated with a small sprinkling of *calendula & *chamomile petals.
*home grown/ Michigan sourced

*sodium hydroxide (lye) is used to make cold processed soap. It is not present in the finished  product.

**although this soap is crafted specifically for those with sensitive skin it is still recommended to test a small area of skin before regular use. Consult your pediatrician if you have any questions or concerns before using this product.

*Due to the nature of handmade soap, each bar will vary slightly in look and size.

To extend the life of your bar allow to dry completely in a draining soap dish in between uses.

Made in Michigan